Tis the season

During my last maternity leave, I stayed away from wishing for October, despite the fact that three of my favorite things happen in October, because my leave would be over and Witchlette would not be at my side 24-7. This time, Hubby’s leave ended 10/1, so once again I was not wishing for October. (Because parental leave in this country is a fucking joke…but that’s not why we’re here). 

I also don’t want to wish away any time. I don’t want to wish away the baby. Even during the rebellious tantrums we have been having every night at bed time, I still don’t wish away the 2s. 

But, wishing or not, October has arrived. 


With it comes my favorite outfits: jeans and t-shirts or long skirts and light leggings; the start my favorite sport: hockey; and my favorite holidays: Halloween and Samhain. Yes, they are separate and different. Halloween is costumes and candy, Samhain is ancestral magick and dumb suppers. With it comes our time of year: The Season Of The Witch. 



One thought on “Tis the season

  1. mineall6 says:

    The terrible two’s are really just that. After having gone through it six times, I wish you luck.
    As for this season, I wasn’t quite expecting it so soon. It didn’t seem like it’s been that long and yet, it’s really been a year. I look forward to seeing what else you post on here as I love learning about ancestral magic.

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