This is NOT a complaint

Pictured above are three bags of breastmilk, which I have to pump out to relieve pressure between feedings. We have since frozen the above pictured milk, with four more for a total of seven equally full bags. This happened over the span of three days. 

Pictured below is one side from Monday night- after four let-downs between 6-8:30. I got 2.5 oz from the other side. And that just took the edge off, I’m still ready to go when Witchling wakes up to eat again. 


There are presently 4.5 bags in the fridge again, but my body is starting to even out with his needs, so the overproduction period will likely be ending soon. 

Witchlette has taken a real interest in everything baby brother. When he cries, she stops what she’s doing to come rub his hand, tell him everythings alright, and sing to him. She’s especially fascinated with his eating. And she is very helpful with milk expression. She helps me by turning on my pump and gets heartbroken when she’s busy playing and I dare to express without her help. She commanded that her grandmother give her brother back to me so he could “drink his milk from Mommy’s boobs.” Shortly before this event, she stated that her “boob-nipples hurt because there’s too much milk inside” so she needs to pump. 

Children become what they are exposed to. Witchlette knows how to cast a Circle and she knows, in theory, how to nurse an infant and use a breast pump. Perhaps something of my natural mothering will leave an impression and remain with her. 


One thought on “This is NOT a complaint

  1. mineall6 says:

    I’m really glad to hear that she’s so supportive and that she’s taking so well to all of this. Sometimes it can be hard with siblings but it sounds like yours are getting along fabulously. It’s adorable that she picked up on your breastfeeding as well. Hopefully the natural mothering will continue with her into adult hood. 🙂

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