You can keep the burger…

I’m getting back on my high horse. 

I had laws saved to the home page of my phone with Witchlette, just in case someone dared to tell me when and where I could nurse my daughter. Just in case someone told me I was lewd or inappropriate. 

I was on a horse so holier than thou high, I got altitude sickness. (Never ever anything against formula/pumping/etc/whatever moms and kiddos, but rather against the little old ladies who gave me stank eye in Target!)

But I was able to nurse Witchlette for over a year. She decided when she wanted her cup instead. And I’m ok with that. 

I kept on preaching for all of my nursing sisters. 

Now I’m back to preach for myself. I’ve got my stirrups polished and my saddle oiled. My ladder is ready for me to climb back on that horse. 

Because really…which one seems to go together?

Wth does a burger have to do with a woman’s body?


 Now that’s a beautiful sight. 


2 thoughts on “You can keep the burger…

  1. nemofreesheep says:

    awesome dude!

  2. AstraKitten says:

    Preach sister! I was so shamed when nursing my child that I didn’t even feel comfortable doing it in the living room of my own home. I was barely able to make it seven months with him.

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