To life

So my site is updated. Yay! It feels nice converging things together. It feels refreshing to have all of my worlds fit so nicely together. That may be one of the best gifts CoTE gave to me, when they made me the coordinator for Family Programs. Being a Pagan and being Mama were no longer exclusive titles that sometimes meshed together. Parts of me merged into a beautiful being. Two parts of a whole that were existing simultaneously and while they weren’t harming each other, there was also a lack of harmony. Now, there is sweet music cascading from my soul.

Everything else is still rather status quo.

Witchlette continues to amaze us. Her empathy for others is beautiful. As she begins to exert her independence, she doesn’t want to be showered in kisses from Mama and Daddy anymore. She decides when we give and get kisses, and she asks that we take unwanted kisses back (which are extras for us, so we happily oblige). Moments after giving back a kiss, I had a BH contraction and she ran over, “It’s OK. I give you a hug. You be all better.” It almost makes me want to get hurt more often 😉

Baby Boy is sitting low, but continues to stay put and cook. My OB doesn’t think I’m going to make it much longer. Neither does anyone else for that matter. Hubby and I really want him to stay put until at least next Friday, so that he can fatten up and be fully ready. My knees and hips tell quite a different story.

Our big return to public Magick Circle will likely be Samhain. So long as the weather holds up ok, 2.0 will be joining us in his special starry Magick Circle wearer. In the morning, I am hosting a kids’ activity. I have my sincerest doubts about my attending the night ritual, as I will be just over a month post-partum, and will have done the kids activity in the morning and Trick or Treating after nap time. My goal with Witchlette is to continue to do some Magick Circle time at home. She enjoys the Elements and the Energies way to much to not evoke them.

So here we sit…it’s the waiting game, but more fun this time as we are waiting with Witchlette who is super excited. She took apart a puzzle today and put an N on my belly for her brother, knowing that’s the first letter of his name.

Last night I had a moment of surrealness. He wasn’t part of “The Plan”. “The Plan” so quickly became just three of us. Perhaps with some secret longings to expand beyond three of us here and there, seeing other kids at Witchlette’s school with their younger siblings. We have had almost a year to digest, prepare, and welcome. I feel so very ready, yet not ready at all. This is new, because I was so confident with Witchlette, never any doubts or unsureness…this must be what it feels like to let go of “The Plan” and let life do life.

To life!


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