Magick Apples

Yesterday I led my second Sunday Circle at COTE. The first time, I reformatted my spellwriting through poetry class to become a ritual. This time, I devoted some time to the Magick of the apple. 

All of the obsessions I have with apples started before Witchlette, but when I was still knowing I’d be a Pagan parent. One way to show a child that their path isn’t wrong or evil or whatever despite what the surrounding majority may say is to show them something that can’t possibly be fabricated. The center of an apple, for instance, shows a pentacle. 

So, this was my focus of the Circle: to explore the Magickal history and properties of the apple. With the acknowledgment that contained within is a Magick Star (Witchlette was great and right one cue! 😉)

Below is the ritual I wrote:


I call upon the Guardians of the North, upon whose fertile land the fruits of our focus grow. With each bite, absorb the nutrients transferred from the soil to the trees to the sweet flesh of the apple. Hail and welcome Earth. 

Thanks and Blessings to the Earth for all of the bounty we have shared today. Hail and farewell. 


I call upon the guardians of the East, upon whose winds the grains of pollination traveled to grow the fruits of our focus. With each bite, inhale and take in the fragrance of the sweet flesh of the apple. Hail and welcome Air. 

Thanks and blessings to Air for all of the bounty we have shared today. Hail and farewell. 


I call upon the guardians of the South, whose light and heat allowed for the growth and transformation from seed to tree to flower to the fruit of our focus. With each bite, feel the warmth of the Sun radiate from within the apple. Hail and welcome Fire. 

Thanks and blessings to fire for all of the bounty we have shared today. Hail and farewell. 


I call upon the Guardians of the West, whose rains quenched the roots to provide life to the tree upon which grew the fruit of our focus. With each bite, feel the wet juices harkening back to those rains left within the apple. Hail and welcome Water. 

Thanks and blessings to water for all of the bounty we have shared today. Hail and farewell. 


I call upon the Spirit in all things, every rock, and tree and creature, every drop of water and every towering mountain, to uniting these elements together and making our circle complete. Hail and welcome spirit. 

May we all feel the spark of life within ourselves, the magick found in all natural life, demonstrated by the magick star found within the center of the apple. Hail and farewell spirit. 

While it may not feel like it here in the South, as we are in September, we are approaching the end of the Summer and the beginning of the Harvest. Meteorologically, we began the autumn on September 1st, but solarly, it doesn’t begin until Mabon, on the 23rd.

With the start of the Harvest in North Carolina comes the abundance of fall fruits and vegetables: pumpkins, winter squash, broccoli and cauliflower, cranberries, cabbage, beets, kale, cucumbers have their second wind, and, of course, apples. 

Apples have many purposes at this time of year: they signify the relaunching of the school year with images of school children of yore bringing in apples into the classroom to get themselves into the good graces of their teacher. Apples are one of the largest and most recognizable icons of the fall harvest, second perhaps only to the pumpkin. Apples welcome us with their crisp, fresh, coolness while it is still warm. Then when the weather turns, they welcome us with their warming properties baked into pies or juiced and spiced into cider. 

Most importantly, apples are our natural tie to the spiritual world. Cut an apple longitudally, as most of us already know, and we see what is lovingly known in my house as a “Magick Star”. Within the center of the transversal cut is a pentagram- a five pointed star made from the seeds with each seed representing one of the elements. The star contained within the round of the apple creates a pentacle- a symbol known from ancient times as a symbol of love, knowledge, and protection. 

Apples also have strong magickal properties: There are countless divinations to know one’s future love through apple peels, seeds, or consuming apple flesh at certain times of night on either Mabon or Samhain. Apple wood is highly preferred to make wands. Eating of apples on a regular basis is said to provide illumination and knowledge, it can also open the gateway to the Faery realm. If one dreams of apples, one will experience prosperity. In the muggle world, an apple a day provides health. 

Now, we are going to complete some apple seed fortune telling. Anyone who has an apple, please step forward, four at a time, and cut your apple longitudinally to reveal the pentagram and the seeds. There are some apples here for those who do not have to come as well. 

After your apple has been cut, step back to your place, remove each whole seed, and count them. 

1 seed- you have a surprise coming your way

2 seeds- you will have good luck

3 seeds- you will have bad luck

4 seeds- you will have wealth

5 seeds- you will have a happy relationship

6 seeds- you will have success with you work

7 seeds- you will travel someplace you have longed to go

8+ seeds- your life will be abundant

Cakes and Ale

Close Circle


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