Some thoughts on Planned Parenthood funding

This past Wednesday, Congressional Democrats effectively stopped a bill that would strip PP of its government funding. 

This is a huge win for women everywhere. Yet, it’s not getting the attention it deserves. At least, I’m not seeing it anywhere. 

I was a patient at PP for 6 years, from age 17-22. I clearly remember, more than once, my step mom talking to someone, not knowing I was in earshot, and complaining about the extra cost of carrying an unnecessary dependent on her health plan. Before my parents split, my dad covered my insurance. That remained after they split. And when my dad remarried and left the corporate world, he went on his wife’s insurance. Per the divorce papers, so did I. I was covered bare minimally while they had Cadillac plans. My mom paid out of pocket for vision and dental. So when I became of age to be sexually active, I presumed that would be out of pocket as well. So I went to PP. I was seen for general feminine health and contraception. I was able to afford it myself out of pocket based on PP’s sliding scale. Me and so many others. 

These are the types of services that make up the predominant patient care. Only 3% of services rendered are abortion services. These are the types of services that legally must be paid for by federal funds. It’s actually illegal to use those funds for abortions. 

This isn’t to say that I’m not Pro-Choice, because I am. As a mother…as a pregnant woman…as a woman who personally battled infertility, I am still Pro-Choice. 


I am pro your choice of having as many children as you can afford. I am pro your choice to not have any children. I am pro your choice for whatever method of contraception works for you. It’s simply a live and let live concept: you do you, I’ll do me, and we’re all good. 

This is not to say I am anti-abortion either. I have read stories of situations where the child had a terminal illness, and the family decided to abort the pregnancy. I have also read horror stories of families stuck in states where these ridiculous abortion laws exist and the family was not able to abort the pregnancy. The baby died in utereo and the woman had to birth what would have been her child. Neither situation is desirable, but the decision should be left between a woman and her doctor. 

  For very selfish, personal reasons, I am Pro-Choice. This is a slippery slope. Ban one medical procedure and a can of worms is opened to ban others. Tubal ligation for example. That’s a woman choosing whether or not to have children. But it’s not in the Abrahamic deity’s “plan” therefore it’s “wrong”. Infertility treatment would also be a problem as embryos are destroyed if they are not used. 

My biggest issue with this whole thing is people who are “Pro-Life” because they’re so full of horse shit it’s coming out of their ears. 

You’re not pro-life. You don’t want social programs that support children. You are anti-abortion because you don’t know all of the facts. You’re anti-abortion because you listen to the Fox “news” talking heads and repeat whatever shit they spew at you. 

You want to consider yourself pro-life, then you would help children who are here, not force folks who cannot properly raise up a human to do so and then abandon the tiny human and the now parents who didn’t want/can’t care for him in the first place. You would do so much more than fight against abortion. You would fight for life after birth as well. 

What we need is to empower women AND men with *REAL* sexual health education and allow access to contraception. 

Abortion isn’t going anywhere. Remember “Dirty Dancing?” Penny got a botched abortion and Jerry Orbach had to go in and save her from bleeding to death? My mom used to tell me that while she isn’t a supporter of abortion, she remembers the alternative: to have women use coat hangers themselves or to see back alley low lifes. The act isn’t going away. To turn over the laws in such a way that it makes it all but impossible to safely perform is irresponsible and will hurt the citizenship in a profound way. 

We all know this stems from certain groups wishing to push their personal religious beliefs onto all of us as a whole. 

And about those religious beliefs…

One more thing before I totally get off my soapbox: 



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