Feathered friends

This week for stay and play, we spent the morning dedicating some time to our feathered brethren.

As part of the Pagan path, I think it’s super important to show honor and respect for all life and all living things. One of the best ways, I have found, to do this with a young child is through animals. We take peas to the ducks and geese, catch and release [most] spiders that come into the house, and are learning to live and let live with all insects that we find outdoors. We watch squirrels and chipmunks from a far, being sure to never cause a rise in them, rather to just be flies on the wall and watch them scamper about.

Expanding on the idea of feeding healthy foods to water foul, this past Thursday we made bird feeders. The how-to is the old scout trick of an empty cardboard tube, peanut butter (honey also works for those with nut allergies), and seed.

One tube spread and waiting, one on deck.  

Putting seeds on the roll.

The finished product, waiting to be hung.

The finished product hanging in the tree.

Witchlette walking over to the second feeder, calling birds to come and eat.

This was not only a great lesson in sharing and caring for our feathered friends, but it was also good for fine motor skills and discussing healthy foods: birds stay healthy when they eat bugs from the ground, fruits from trees, and seeds from flowers or from people. What do we eat that helps us stay healthy?


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