Toddler Prep for Natural Mothering

So I “haven’t had time” to blog lately.

You know those folks who “don’t have time” to do xyz because they have six episodes of a show that they have to watch? Part of me feels like that. Though, it’s not my DVR that I’m catching up with. It’s just rest. Every afternoon Witchlette goes down for her nap and I climb into bed and rest. Typically I nap for about 30 minutes myself.

After Witchlette goes to bed, while Hubby is doing his grad school homework, I get my second wind and I try to complete a Witchling related project. For example, I finished painting the letters for his name sign this week.

I could spend my time blogging, but I just don’t have the time. Or the energy.

Or, more importantly, the inspiration. There are some things I’m sure I could talk about, but they’re not directly related to Paganism nor do they directly relate to my life and my family. And I would just be adding my little bit of static to the already full traffic of noise.

Today is Friday, and that puts another week in the books.

It has been such an enjoyable summer with Witchlette thus far. She loves her time at home, and she is loving our weekly schedule of predictable events, though we have yet to make it to the library for story time on Wednesday mornings. She will occasionally see things that remind her of school. After putting her clothes in her hamper, she saw her school blanket and said, “That goes in my cubby.” This tells me that when our summer is inevitably over, she will have a successful transition back to school while I transition back to work.

She still loves on 2.0 and talks about him nonstop. She had started tugging at the sides of my belly and asking for him to come out. I had to explain to her that we have to wait until his birthday for him to come out. Now, she tells folks that he’ll come out on his birthday. She takes every opportunity to play with him, or at least asks if she can. Yesterday during art time, she asked if she could paint on him. Hubby and I are going to have her do it one weekend after grad school and make it a photo shoot just because. Today at the park, as she sat and dug in the sand pit, she asked if she could get him all sandy. I unfortunately had to tell her no as I was wearing a dress and not everyone wants to see my undies.

Our latest topic of discussion has been what babies eat. She knows babies drink milk. I have expressed to her that babies only drink milk- they can’t have chicken or blueberries until they get older. This week, after seeing a picture of a mother nursing, I explained that babies drink special milk. So she can’t share her red milk with him; he has his own milk. Some babies drink special milk from a bottle, other babies drink special milk from their mommy’s boobs. I told her stories of her drinking milk from my boobs- that that is why she knows the word “boob” today- and how her brother will do the same. This week, I asked her point blank what he will drink, and she said “Milk from Mommy’s boob.” So we at least have an overall understanding of what to expect. We’ll see in practice how things go.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Prep for Natural Mothering

  1. cafewand says:

    I lacked energy a lot with my son. A lot of oatmeal and peanut butter substitutes. Protein and carbs in a good way. I hope you find the energy you need soon. Blessings

  2. Ah weekly story time. We go on Tuesday’s. Before the family I work for moved, we would go to the library toddler time then to Barnes and Noble for their story time. Their new library,however, is awful and the people are really mean, even towards children, so we now just go to a local Barnes and Noble. I really miss our old story times, but the family won’t let me drive the 15 miles round trip to see the girls’ old friends. But I digress. Good luck making it to story time. It’ll be worth it!

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