A milky decision

For just about a year, Hubby and I have been buying two kinds of milk. Just after Witchlette turned a year, we started getting half a gallon of whole milk a week to go along with our gallon of skim a week. 

Over spring break, I was watching The Chew while Witchlette napped and heard Chef Michael Simon and Chef Mario Batali discuss milk types. They both commented on how they refuse to drink skim milk because of all the added sugars. 

I guess I had my head in the sand and I never knew about the extra sweetening done to skim milk. I just went ahead and figured they take the fat out and then you have what’s left and that’s that. Logically, I know whenever you remove something, you have to replace it with something else. The fat free movement of my childhood that has since been proven to do more harm than good i.e. eat as much of these “fat free” Twinkies as you want! You won’t gain weight! I know with these that fat free = extra sugar because it’s a trade off. All products labeled “fat free” have sugar in their place, which isn’t helpful as unused sugar turns to fat. 

And all of these processes and hidden switches are one big reason why I would much much rather take the time to bake something with my own ingredients than to buy something pre-made. I control how much of what goes into the final product. 

But I never thought about it with milk. 

I have since read on various sites, including Time, how milk is the same as the other low-fat/no-fat diet fads. You’re not consuming whole foods, but rather overly processed parts. 

After discussing my thoughts with Hubby for about a week, last Wednesday he poured half a glass of each milk and we taste tested. It was obvious by looking which was which. The whole milk looked like “milk”. It had a richness similar to what my breastmilk looked like, which I know was a whole, unprocessed food. The whole milk was thicker, creamier, and richer. It wasn’t a thick and gross as I remember it being. The skim milk couldn’t hold a candle to the whole milk side by side like that. It looked sick next to the whole milk, like it was missing something. And it was super sweet, in a way I had never noticed before and likely wouldn’t have noticed had I not juxtaposed it with whole. 

So this last Saturday, Hubby and I officially pulled the trigger. We only bought whole milk. We’ve been more satisfied with drinking less milk. Quality over quantity. 


One thought on “A milky decision

  1. moodymoons says:

    Thank you for the validating permission to drink whole milk, which I like way better anyway. 🙂

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