Truth be told…

Published April 22, 2015 by Lunapo

Truth be told…Baby Boy is a 100% surprise.

After one [awful] doctor [whom I never saw again] said I would never have children, I was completely determined, even more so than I already was given my life choices, to become a Mom.

I needed to have Witchlette like I need oxygen; she was a complete necessity. As soon as I learned I was pregnant with Witchling, I knew Hubby and I were given this wonderful gift. As my best friend, and Witchlette’s Earth Elemental said, this is the Universe saying, “Good job! Here, have another one!”

We knew our chances, even though we doubted it would ever happen with my lack of carb monitoring and my still erratic cycles.

But it did. And while we weren’t expecting a second baby, we feel oh so blessed to be having one.

Given the 5-10 day span between our selfish romps and my positive ovulation, thinking about Dr. Shuttles and his research, the whole time I have been 100% convinced that Baby 2.0 is a girl.

The ultrasound tech, after confirming we wanted to know gender, was able to find the right spot exposed (just like Witchlette, Witchling had feet in the mouth). 

“Any last guesses,” she asked. 

“Well,” I responded looking at the screen, “that’s a penis.”

“Yup! It’s a boy!”

Dr. Shuttles be dammed lol.

Hubby and I have already had some interesting conversations about our little guy.

It started at the same time from three places:

1) Witchlette and her love of Marvel heroes, thanks to me and my love of Marvel heroes.

2) This Billy Gardell bit:

3) A conversation I had with a friend about how we both encourage our girls to do “boy” stuff. (Her daughter is three days older than Witchlette). What would I do, if Witchling turns out to be a boy, if he wants to do “girl” stuff.

My opinion is simple: let him.

Hubby is in agreement. If Baby Boy wants to wear a Ms. Marvel shirt, we’d let him, just like we let Witchlette pick out her own clothes, including Cap, Hulk, and Spidey. If he wants the pink ball, he can have it.

The other morning, I jokingly said, “Best reason to have a boy- we’re only on the hook for one wedding.” His response, “Well…if this does come up…who pays for a gay wedding?” Both Hubby and I have semi-distant gay family members. We both thoroughly believe that to be gay is not something that is a choice, but is something that is genetic. If Witchling is going to be gay, he already is gay at 18 weeks pregnant. He’ll be gay a birth. No female character shirt, pink ball, or baby doll is going to “turn him gay” because that’s not how these things work.

So, while this is a completely hypothetical situation, what if Witchling’s hypothetical husband to be doesn’t come from a family that is as supportive as we already are in our hypothetical modern thinking…then we’re on the hook for two weddings.

In the end, two things matter to us about our children: that they are happy and healthy. And the only way to do that is to love them unconditionally no matter what.


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