Witchling is…


This of course is going to bring a whole new perspective. It’s been natural for me to raise Witchlette on a Pagan path. I do with her as I would do with me. Female to female. The relationship with the divine can be different for men than for women. I’ve got a few starting places though. 

The first and foremost is Witchlette. She has taken the lead at home when she wants to do a ritual or a Circle or just a candle. She will be one of Witchling’s models. 

The second, and thinking about it this way, the one that was put in place for a reason, is the males in my Pagan group. I was wishy-washy about actually going to events and becoming active in this group for years. Then when Witchlette was just over a year I plunged in and am so grateful that I have. 

Thirdly, and although listed last is still the most influential, are me and Hubby. Hubby has a very interesting take on spirituality. He finds his own divine connection by hiking through the woods. Nothing formal, no ritual, no pomp and circumstance. Just him and nature. This is a huge aspect for me, but the only aspect for him. 

It’s going to be different, but it would be different even if Witchling was another girl. 


One thought on “Witchling is…

  1. I find myself wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure number 2 is a boy. There are many men in the greater community here and the celtic group I belong to is lead by a man, but in my personal practice it’s strictly female.

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