Bunnies and eggs?

Published April 3, 2015 by Lunapo

What do bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter? A lot, you’re just pronouncing the holiday wrong. 

What do bunnies and eggs have to do with Jesus? Absolutely nothing. 

Many folks claim the ritual of rolling eggs symbolizes the rolling of the stone from in front of the tomb on the first Easter Sunday morning. Others say eggs symbolize the rebirth of after rising from the dead on the first Easter Sunday morning. 


Besides, what say you about bunnies? Nothing?

Eggs, new life for many animals, have been used as fertility symbols for eons. Rabbits too, as well, there’s a reason why the phrase “do it like rabbits” exhists. Rabbits, for this reason, were also seen as fertility symbols. They are the master procreaters. 

Spring is a time of renewal. Of new life. Of rebirth. It’s a time to embrace fertility. Easter traditions of rabbits and eggs came to America from German immigrants in the 1700s in the form of an egg laying hare called “Osterhase“. Children made nests and the bunny laid colored eggs for children to find in the morning. 

Eostre, or Ostara (see “Oster” above!) is the name of the original festival. It’s also the original name of the Germanic  fertility goddess. Her sacred animal is the rabbit and her symbol is the eggs. 

So that’s why bunnies and eggs. 


3 comments on “Bunnies and eggs?

  • I think the bunny was originally a hare. In many European countries it is still a hare. hares were sacred creatures, but I do not know the reason behind this.
    I do not mind it that Christianity uses the eggs too. Aren’t we all a bit syncretic ? 🙂

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