You get what you give

One of my favorite 90’s inspirational songs is by New Radicals “You Get What You Give”. 

You’ve got the music in you 
Don’t let go 
You’ve got the music in you 
One dance left 
This world is gonna pull through 
Don’t give up 
You’ve got a reason to live 
Can’t forget you only get what you give

This past Sunday, I attended an Elemental workshop and meditation at the Gardens and I had a few good take-away pieces. 

The first is cardinal directions matching with Elements is not an exact science. There was discussion of it not starting until Gardenier. More discussion followed with putting the elements in more of a local feel- having them correspond to the layout of where you are physically when you call a Circle. For example, in Raleigh, I could have Air be West, towards the Mountains, and Water be East, towards the Ocean. Likewise, should I visit Texas, I could have Water become South as the Gulf would be just below me. 

Secondly, and this really hit home for me as something I’ve been working through in my own practice. You can’t get something for nothing. When bartering a service for a service or a good for a good…a form of currency is still a barter. I provide a service at work and recieve currency which I then trade for goods and services provided by others. 

Ok, perhaps you get something for nothing for your birthday…but we’ll get to that in a second. 

When working with elements, when asking elements to come forward and give of themselves to assist you, it’s wise to offer them something in return- an even exchange or perhaps a thank you if you will. One doesn’t steal, one follows the customary exchange. Or after receiving a birthday gift, it’s rude to not offer a token of gratitude. 

When working with Air, flower petals tossed in a breeze which will allow the Air to carry them forward to form a new plant. When working with Fire, a small piece of paper or charcoal which can then be consumed by fire. With Water, Moon Water that can be poured out to the ground and allow water to provide its nourishment to the soil. Finally, with Earth, a seed that can be planted. 

By reciprocating with the Elements and regularly thanking them, their blessings will likely strengthen. 


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