Another great article shared by Elfkat.

A gentleman who grew up with “cherry-picking Catholics”…folks who choose to follow some parts of their text, but not others, decided to go through the whole text and provide some illustrations to show exactly what many seldom-referenced passages are saying.

The message of his book is simple, according to Mascagni: “Let’s stop using the Bible to justify denying a woman control over her own reproductive choices. Let’s stop using the Bible to deny other human beings the same rights and dignity that we all deserve. Let’s stop taking this book so damn seriously.”

This article includes seven excerpts, including topics of punishment by mauling, punishment to offending women, how women are to be seen in public, and how a man should be “punished” for raping a virgin.

“This book is an attempt to demonstrate that we don’t need a gigantic, outdated and complicated book to learn how to treat each other with decency. Sure, there are some nice teachings in it, but there are some really ludicrous ones too.”

People in the ‘Belt have asked how I plan on raising a child who has manners and respect and decency without the word of god. We discuss many gods in my home, and I don’t feel I need your text to teach her how to be a nice person. Basic decency does that for me, thank you.

When you did [something nice] for [that person], it felt good right?

Did it feel nice to do that [bad thing]? Would you want that [bad thing] done to you?

“Perhaps one of my favorite verses in the Bible, and perhaps the one most blatantly ignored by too many Christians, is this one about treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated,” Mascagni says. “Far too often Christians use passages from the Bible not to promote love and peace but to justify hatred and bigotry.”

It’s worth a gander…


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