Snowmageddon 3.0

If you’re keeping track, this is number 3. Last week was 1, Tuesday was 2, and last night into this morning was 3. 

We lost power around 5:30 am. I believe we lost power on and off before then as the monitor to Witchlette’s room died. And Hubby’s phone didn’t have a full charge after charging all night. But I remember the fan turning off; I looked at Hubby’s phone and saw 5:4?.

It’s quite pretty from inside, and I’m sure would be fun to play in, but no heat foils that plan. 

This bush stands at least 5’5″. Was it stepped on by a frost giant??

Inside, we were able to light the fire. This is where we will be all day. 

Luckily, I’m a Witch with candles and lighters in every room. Hubby was able to use one lighter to make us all a warm breakfast. 

Here’s hoping power comes back soon! Though, we do have a contingency plan if it doesn’t…


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