Today we had the first of a one-two punch coming to the Raleigh. This storm snuck in, earlier and heavier than expected…proving Mother Nature has a mind of her own and will do as she deems necessary. 

Witchlette seemed to be a fan of the snow, until I asked her directly what she thought. “Yucky. Cold.”

It can be difficult to be a “true” Pagan in this kind of weather. It’s cold and wet and not pleasant to be outside in for more than a few minutes. But it’s still part of the natural world (even in the South) and it’s something beautiful to be appriciated. 

It’s already been announced that schools are going to be closed tomorrow. We are going to spend the day hunkered down in the warmth, perhaps with a few moments of playing in the snow between bursts of working from home. 


5 thoughts on “Snow

  1. chefette13 says:

    At least youre not in boston! 😉

  2. I’ve also felt it’s difficult to really be Wiccan while also disliking winter. Hopefully the snow dumps are behind us for another season though!

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