Our Circle

Published February 19, 2015 by Lunapo

Little hands wrap around the blue lighter, lifting it off the shelf, careful not to disturb the mortar and pestle and 3 inch cast iron caldron.

“Bessed be?” A little voice inquires with a hopeful gaze.

I take her outstretched hand, the one not holding the lighter, and we walk towards the altar.

“Do you want a full Circle or a small Circle?”

“Full Circle.”

Deep inhale, exhale. I take the lighter and reach for the green candle and speak the call for the Earth element, finishing my call with “Hail and Welcome!” A small voice to my right echoes “Hail Welcome!” We move clockwise from North to East to South to West then to Center. Each time ending with a praise and an echo “Hail and Welcome”

We sit and watch the flames dance. We sit and listen to the birds. We sit and we enjoy each other’s company. We sit and I relish in these quiet moments.

Then one of us starts to get fidgety.

Beginning at the center and working backwards, I thank the specific element and say “Blessed be”. The echo to close is much louder than the echo to open “Blessed Be!”

In just a few short weeks, things have developed from “Bess” to “Bess Be” to “Bessed Be”. We still don’t have the b-l blend, by developmentally, we shouldn’t. We have to keep reminding people that, despite how much she has to say and how well she says it, she is only 1. 19 months.

I know the Blessed Be’s won’t last forever. I know there may come a point when she decides mom is crazy and Magick is crazy. I want her to develop her own way of thinking and her own path from her own decisions. And when that time comes, no matter what path she chooses, if she does so for the right reasons, I’ll have done my job well.


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