Human existence?

This blog post from last week actually goes nicely with the prompt for The Pagan Experience this week “Humanity”. Therefore, I am reusing this posting for this week’s prompt. Yes, I’m cheating. Oh well 😛

Biblebelt Witchy Mama

Or A musing on a double standard in media.

At the beginning of the school year, some colleagues and I were out to lunch and discussing film adaptations of books: why we use them, or not, and when they’re beneficial.

One colleague, a female teacher, said she is very uncomfortable with the opening scene of McBeth, as the witches are typically seen nude or topless but that it isn’t specified in the play. She said it is an unnecessary addition just for the sake of showing boobs and nothing more.

I countered with explaining skyclad to her and my non-issue with nudity when it’s not for obvious exploitation since being nude is part of the human condition. Sex is a beautiful part of humanity and of life. It’s not something that should be shied away from but something that should be celebrated. And perhaps if it wasn’t so taboo, it…

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