The Divine

Week 3 of The Pagan Experience. So far, so good!

This week’s prompt, and I believe the third prompt of every month, will be to explore the Deity and the Divine in your practice. The Deity aspect is something I am actually still doing, an on-going process. I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in with all of it…it’s complicated. Perhaps I will spend some time writing about that aspect at a later point.

For now, the Divine. Something I have never had an issue connecting with. I look around our beautiful world and I see the Divine at work everywhere. Every flower, every snowflake. Every one of my daughter’s giggles. I see the Divine through the Elements. The majority of my Craft has always been, and still is, focused on working with the Natural Elements.

When I am outside, especially in the woods [or sometimes at the beach], I can feel the vibrations of the Elements all around me. When I am anxious, or I need comfort, I call Earth to me and almost immediately feel at peace. I can feel the presence of a grassy field or a wooded thicket, the soft spring soil below my feet. I frequently call Earth to me and send Her to Witchlette or Hubby when they are sick and it seems to help them as well. When I feel overwhelmed, especially by negative emotions, I call Water to me. She helps me find the balance and reminds me that all experiences are for learning and growth and that this too not only shall pass but shall add to my wisdom. When I am lacking inspiration, I will call Fire to me. Meditating on the aspect of Fire helps to light some creative spark- even if it’s not what I was hoping to start, something will come. When I am trying to communicate something, or trying to learn something, I call Air to me. The winds that carry messages between the ancient spirits are excellent guides at helping me put words with what I am trying to get across.

When I am angry, which thankfully is a lot less often than it used to be, I call forth all of the elements in a South-North rotation:

Fire, come to me

Allow me to feel all of the

Burns of this anger

Without letting it consume me.

Water, come to me

Douse the intensity of these flames.

Provide me with the wisdom to feel

The true underlying emotion.

Air, come to me.

Cool me from the inside out.

Finish extinguishing these flames

Providing me with the articulation of emotion.

Earth, come to me.

Comfort me with your flesh and

Heal my burns as I release

My emotions into you. 

That piece was written after a really big blow-up, after a lot of soul searching and research into anger issues. After I wrote it, and used it once, I haven’t had to use it since. I have been able to simply navigate my way by keeping the Elements with me at all times.


3 thoughts on “The Divine

  1. Very lovely way to deal with your anger. I think I may borrow your idea!

  2. I do a lot of musing on the Divine and how I understand it as well and I think our views are not that different. I default to earth to deal with stress, to commune with my world and to honor the energy and magick around us. I’ve often felt “un-Wiccan” because any acknowledgement of the Goddess usually comes second and the God not at all, despite the fact that we hold fast to the understanding that there are as many paths are there are practitioners.

    • Lunapo says:

      Exact same here, especially the “un-Wiccan” part. One of the reasons why I don’t call myself “Wiccan” despite many similar traits is the deities aren’t top priority. The elements have always come first and continue to come first.

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