Sum of parts

Children are a sum of their experiences. They know what they are exposed to.

Witchlette’s experiences include Magick and saying “Bess Be” before blowing out candles on my altar; pointing to my Mjolnir pendant and saying “hammer”; and identifying Cap[tain America] and Spider[-Man] on sight. She also knows Bat[man] and Sharp [Wolverine]. We are still working on the difference between Flash and Iron Man. I blame the colors and full masks both characters wear.

Because it’s needed in the comic book world too!

She will know that church is something we do outside. She will know that Magick is real and doesn’t include a top hat or a rabbit. She will know that life is sacred and beautiful. She will know that when a spider is the in house, we catch it in a cup and put it back outside. She will know the Moon is a Goddess and the Sun is a God. She will know love, all day, everyday, always.


One thought on “Sum of parts

  1. Mom says:

    Beautiful and she will know what a wonderful mommy and daddy she has been blessed to have ❤

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