Fundamentalism is fundamentalism is fundamentalism

I remember going back to high school, [when I was one of the leaders of my school’s Christian student group,] someone had brought up the issue of fundamentalism in English class and how really really strict Christians and really really strict Muslims are the exact same. “No!” I fought back, “Muslims are evil and kill people! Christians don’t kill people!” But that conversation had added fuel and another spark already smoldering fires of doubt.

Then I learned about the Crusades. Wow. Christians really did kill people who didn’t give up everything that made them who they were for the worship of a different deity.

Then I learned the truth about St. Patrick and his snakes.

This rant started off with a picture and an article. I did a quick Wikipedia reading on what Fundamentalism actually is

“the demand for a strict adherence to certain theological doctrines…The term usually has a religious connotation indicating unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs, but fundamentalism has come to be applied to a broad tendency among certain groups, mainly, although not exclusively, in religion. This tendency is most often characterized by a markedly strict literalism as applied to certain specific scriptures, dogmas, or ideologies, and a strong sense of the importance of maintaining ingroup and outgroup distinctions,leading to an emphasis on purity and the desire to return to a previous ideal from which it is believed that members have begun to stray.”

We believe this because our book/experience/proof/whatever says that’s what we have to believe in. You should believe in it to, or your a bad person because you’re not one of us. You can become one of us. And then you need to stay one of us. Everyone who believe’s in anything is only a stone’s throw away from becoming a fundamentalist.

I think the young lady believes she is doing the right thing. I think she truly believes what she is preaching and posing for. But is goes against all rational sense. It goes against all modern thinking. She hates gay people- and is frankly far too young to be on the wrong side of history. She hates birth control and abortion- until she needs it perhaps? She loves her guns and her god and her country.

Which young lady and I speaking of?

Well, that’s kind of the point….

For faith and for country. To “protect” the us from the them. Because we are “right”, they must be “wrong”. Violence is always wrong. Fundamentalism is tied to strongly held beliefs which becomes emotional when it’s denied. And emotional discussions have a bad way of turning violent.

Read the original article here.


3 thoughts on “Fundamentalism is fundamentalism is fundamentalism

  1. G. B. Marian says:

    I used to work at a Hobby Lobby. Worked there for about year. YECK! It was terrible.

  2. lelahb39 says:

    Reblogged this on Intuitive Naturalism and commented:
    pot calling the kettle black…..why can’t we be friends?

  3. lelahb39 says:

    so very true and makes for many sad endings to what should be civil conversations about how to live together with one another and still adhere to our own beliefs. We will get there or kill ourselves off slowly. I am holding space for our coming together.
    Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts with us.

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