Daily Blessings

Monday Musings week 2 for The Pagan Experience. The prompt for this week is favorite Magickal/Spiritual practices.

Since I have started attending COTE, I have experienced a number of Circles with a community and I have seen a few different paths and practices. Some of them I have picked up and adopted into my own practice. Being with community is likely my second favorite practice.

My first…well, that is Witchlette’s wonder when it comes to Magick!

Witchlette has discovered my ritual space. With her bedtime routine of blowing out a candle every night, she finds it fascinating that Mom has seven candles in her room. She would pick up my lighter and hold the end into the candle then blow at the unlit wick. After a few rounds of this, she would take me by the hand and lead me to the box. We would sit and I’d do a quarter call. We’d watch the flames on each of the candles dance for a few moments and she would ask to blow them out. I started having her say “Blessed Be” before blowing out the candles. This practice evolved a few weeks ago. Now, she picks up my lighter, comes right to get me saying “Bless. Bless. Bless” and we go back to the box. I do a quarter call. She says “Blessed Be” sometimes without prompting, and blows out the candles.


One thought on “Daily Blessings

  1. Adaryn says:

    That’s the cutest thing I have read all day. I can’t wait till my little is old enough to participate.

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