Getting Crafty!

Aside from my wonderful Besom, I have completed three little artsy projects. Two are pentacles that I will be hanging somewhere in the house.

The first is a metal ring, originally intended for beading that went wrong, which I wrapped in ribbon and created a ribbon pentacle within. This one I believe will hang in my kitchen, where the Yule calendar is presently.


The second is a foam ring, again wrapped in ribbon, but this time I made a pentacle out of harvested pre-fallen wood. I used hot glue to attach the white ribbon to the sticks then a dab of glue again to attach the ribbon to itself after winding the ends together. This one may hang on the front door…or not…I’m really happy with how asymmetrical it came out, but I’m honestly not sure what to do with it now that it’s made!


The third item I made is a Witch’s Ball. I used a plastic holiday ornament ball. Inside I placed harvested moss, a small pine seed and pre-fallen pine branch, a dried rose, a gifted feather I found on a walk, and a shell Witchlette found in Wilmington last summer. I have not, and likely will not, close this ball permanently as we may add to it depending on what we find on hikes.


Focusing on crafts which require a hot glue gun and the affixing of pre-made materials rather than creation from nothing is much more up my alley. Putting Magickal emphasis on everyday items to make them something special is Kitchen Witchery at its finest. And Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration…we’ll have to see what 2015 brings!


2 thoughts on “Getting Crafty!

  1. Blessings,
    Very Nice work. I too make Pentacles for my walls and windows. Have a Blessed New Year )O(

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