Published December 18, 2014 by Lunapo

A few days ago, I found this lovely photo creating a circle.


The beauty of it reminded me of


Or perhaps more clearly


I tried to find more images of the same theme and found many more arching bridges with reflections. And the best rainbow photo I’ve ever seen.





One comment on “Reflections

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    The prompt for The Pagan Experience this week is titled “As Above, So Below”.
    -What do you seek from the Divine?
    -How is that reflected in the mundane?
    -Where do you find your synthesis?

    What I seek most from the Divine is balance. I see that balance in nature; the branches of a tree are reflective of their roots. Light cannot happen without dark, life cannot happen without death.

    The mouse eats berries for nourishment. The berries are plucked from the tree, ending their cycle. The mouse is then eaten by a raccoon. The mouse must die so that the raccoon can live. The raccoon, in turn, is then eaten by a hawk. The raccoon now dies so that the hawk may live.

    With balance, I seek a connection to the greater picture. To know my place as more that just a woman in America. To know my place in the BIG picture- to see and understand where it all connects. Every time I do a chakra meditation, I feel the connection. I can see where I fit in to all of life, like a big intertwining web. Having a balance to know that while every life is important, every life is also but a small piece of the bigger picture.

    I see example of this, the balance, the inter-connectivity, the parts making a whole, in reflected surfaces. As above, so below to me represents that balance. One of the pictures below is of a bridge over some water. The bridge is important, as it helps connect people from one point to another, but the bridge isn’t the whole idea. The lighting from the sun has to be just right. One has to stand at just the right angle, and then one can see the real, whole picture. The bridge, while important, is just a small piece. The reflection of the bridge, with the bridge, making a complete circle, is what makes the image worth capturing, viewing, and sharing.

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