7 Ways to Celebrate Yule for the Winter-Challenged

I’m not the biggest proponent of winter, but I definitely prefer warmth over bitter cold. Luckily, I live in a climate where the winter is not extremely cold. This is still a mighty fine list of things to do during the 12 days of Yule and all winter long.

Ayslyn's Corner

yule1Hi my name is Ayslyn, and I really don’t like winter even though I’m Wiccan and by definition a lover of all things nature. I really hate being cold, and I really don’t like snow. As a child, I loved sledding and playing outside with my siblings, but now that I have to drive in it (all the freakin’ time in Chicagoland; seriously, who lives where it’s winter 8 months of the year?) I hate it. I never learned to drive in snow, so every time I go out is dangerous.

Snow this year will be bittersweet though, because it snowed shortly before we lost Eevee in April. I complained about it on Facebook, and looking back through my timeline now post-loss, it seems like such a foolish thing to get so bent out of shape about. In years past I’ve made cursory efforts to appreciate everything the colder months…

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