More Yule Carols

Solstice Carol- Wyrd Sisters

Solstice Song

Solstice Evergreen

Here is a list of songs I enjoyed reading though: some traditional songs with no modifications that seem to go with Solitice more than Christmas, some Christmas songs with new lyrics, and some orginial songs with lyrics. Solstice Carol (first video) lyrics are included in the list.

Some of my favorites to note:

  1. Deck the Halls (since it straight up says “Yule”!)
  2. Chestnut song (again, direct mention of “Yuletide carols being sung by a choir”)
  3. Holly Jolly Yuletide (only needs minor adjustment…”Have a holly jolly Yuletide/It’s the best time of the year/I don’t know if there’ll be snow/But have a cup of cheer…)

My favorite of all is still Santa Claus is Pagan too. 😉


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