It’s no longer writer’s block

For a few months, I suffered from writer’s block. Yes, I know. #firstworldproblems but in my little world, it became a bit of a set back. I kept telling myself to let it flow and it would come, but I kept forcing it anyway. The last full moon, I wrote about the ritual that happened at COTE and how I pulled the reverse creation card and how it meant chill the hell out and let it flow. By the time I got home I wrote one of the best poems I had written in years.

I wrote a great poem Wednesday night/Thursday morning, in that time of twilight between asleep and awake. By the time I was dressing Thursday, it was gone. Same thing Friday night/Saturday morning. I could give you the central theme and an overall image for the first. I could give you the overall theme/layout and title plus the opening and closing lines of the second. But no full poem.

I just took a journal out of the closet and placed it on my night table. It may take away from my getting back to sleep, but having a completed piece will be worth missing a few winks.


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