I wrote about Kirk’s taking a stab at figuring out the true meaning of Christmas: Pagans have stolen the very Christian symbols of the wreath, tree, Yule log, and other secular aspects of the holiday.

This satirical video is a great response. Pagan stole Christmas just like other comics steal from Carlos Mencia and Elvis performed his original music.

Perhaps the idea of “Paganmas” will catch on?


6 thoughts on “Paganmas?

  1. MiddleWorldWitch says:

    This whole “war on Christmas” thing is a straw man to begin with. I keep Santa in Yule and the Solstice on 12/21; how is that a threat to keeping Christ in Christmas on 12/25? The answer is, it’s not a real threat to anything. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone started saying that Santa comes on 12/21, and then Christians can celebrate “Nativity” on 12/25. Then, watch how fast 12/25 becomes an obscure little celebration that only the most rabid of Christians observes. [*evil grin*]

  2. MiddleWorldWitch says:

    BTW, Kirk Cameron is a douche.

  3. MiddleWorldWitch says:

    WordPress did not like or display the devilish smiley I put in the last post. LOL

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