The rut

I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately. A creative rut. I have elaborate plans, but very little drive to get them out of my head. I have want, but no intent behind it. I was going around in circles…and not the good kind.

I think I may be trying to force too many changes at once. Maybe I need to slow down. I definitely have to stop trying to force things to happen. This causes ruts more than anything else. I need to do/make X…then I have zero inspiration related to X and it becomes a stagnant cesspool of frustration.

Tonight was the Full Moon ritual at CoTE. There was protection Magick manifested and there was divination completed. A new deck I had never seen before and was actually new to the leader. A gemstone with it’s corresponding quality was pictured and described. In the explanation book was some background on the stone and it’s Magickal uses. Then came “the message” which was the diviation aspect of the card. I pulled Zincite reversed, a stone related to the Sacral Chakra and used to channel creativity. I didn’t have to look at the book to know that it meant I was in a period of stagnation and I had to let go and just allow things to flow. That I have to open up my Chakra more and focus the energies within it towards more than just physical expression.

I meditated on this for a bit, and had a poem written expressing my troubles with creative stagnation transforming into creative flow within 30 minutes of being home. I’m about half-way done with creating my besom, also started tonight…the glue is drying. Pictures to follow.

I am in no way saying my drought is lifted, but this is a wonderful start!

Flames lap at my face,

Yet I cannot feel the heat.

Embers rise and fall all around,

Yet I never burn.

My skin bubbles and bleeds,

Yet I step in deeper for more.

Blistering hot kisses caress me all around,

Enfold me in their unyielding passion,

Yet I feel nothing.

No heat.

No pain.

Creation and destruction

In one primal force.

The further I walk,

The less I feel of both.

Allow the consumption to begin.

Open my eyes,

Let consciousness flow.

Pen to paper,

Brush to canvas,

Beauty trapped within

Cascades without.


3 thoughts on “The rut

  1. MiddleWorldWitch says:

    Beautiful. 🙂 Your words evoke the Cauldron of Rebirth.

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