An important lesson

Further proof of the importance and the benefits of having shared values.

This morning Witchlette woke up early by 20 minutes. No big deal, as it was just after 6:00 and I had been up since quarter-to. I got her dressed, she fervently insisted on wearing her Halloween witch outfit, and we went back into the master bathroom to brush our teeth. Hubby was also up early this morning so he was able to take her downstairs to let E back in and let Witchlette finish her morning milk.

When I was done getting ready and heading back downstairs, Hubby was very excited to tell me the very important lesson he taught Witchlette: Spiders live outside.

We are a catch-and-release household. Maybe not of the cellar dweller variety but definitely any thick ones that could be related to tarantulas. Hubby related to me that he saw a catchable spider and put it in a cup. Witchlette was highly upset that it was in a cup, because it doesn’t belong there, but she watched her Daddy replace the spider to his element.

Live and let live.


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