Holiday Manners

I found this meme on Facebook a while back, and I thought, with the “official” start of the holiday season, it came as a good reminder. The “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaigns will be starting soon, so many Christians will begin lamenting about the “war on Christmas” or the “war on Christians/ity” that pops up about this time. (Despite the original slogan being created as a way to fight back consumerism in Christians at this time of year, not to put down other religions…). In response, many Pagans will start wielding their slogan, “Keep the Sol in Solstice”. And the atheists will begin berating everyone for being silly enough to believe in anything.

To anyone brave enough to go into Black Friday crowds, please be safe. And to everyone preparing the secular tradition of giving and receiving gifts, remember to hug your loved ones and say thank you. The fact that you are blessed enough to have someone care enough for you to spend their hard earned money on you as a token of affection and appreciation is the real gift. It’s the people, not the stuff, that matters most.


One thought on “Holiday Manners

  1. Mom says:

    Wow so well said you have always been a “wordsmith” enjoy reading your words and the wisdom in those words

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