Kitchen witchery into practice

One of the Pagan Facebook pages I follow had this article up tonight. There are some helpful hints that I never thought of before. Or some that I did think of, but I either forgot about or haven’t had the will to do.

I say will rather than time because I have plenty of time to do much of what I want to do. The problem comes up that there is so much that I want to do. I have improved greatly…the TV is off, so I am not sitting on the couch avoiding what I want to do because I am too busy enjoying doing nothing. Blogging and completing my Runes study has taken the majority of my evening “me time”, which works great because it’s something I want to do but also something I need to do. Spiritual health is just as important as physical health.

I have begun the practice of a rotating cleaning schedule. My end goal with this is two-fold. I want to get my house to a point where it is tidy enough to cleanse, and I want my house to get to a point where it is tidy enough to prevent me from feeling overwhelmed with a need to clean. The latter points at both the process and the end-game. If I spend too much time focused on cleaning, especially tidying, I end up piling items and moving them around the house rather than just putting them away. We have always had the bad habit of placing items that belong upstairs on the stairs in the hopes that they would grow legs and make it up on their own. Or an elf would come over and carry them up. Either way, it didn’t involve us. We have recently instated a new practice where we don’t go up the stairs without picking up an item from the stairs and bringing it up. It now gets left on the upstairs banister…but, baby steps.

Tonight was the first night of the rotating cleaning schedule. Monday focuses on the kitchen. Cleared and wiped the counters, cleaned the stove, microwave, and cabinets, swept the floor, and mopped. Next week will be more surfaces in the kitchen. I don’t really see a change, but I feel a change. After a few weeks, I think I’ll be ready to complete a cleansing with a sage stick. Have a nice clean slate for the new year (I know I’m almost a month late…baby steps).

Notice I used the word “practice” before. Practice is an interesting word. At first looks, practice means to try a skill in a way to show improvement. When someone thinks about professional practices: teaching, law, medicine, the entomology of the word changes. It shifts from working towards improvement to an application of an idea or theory. There are medical theories which are then put into practice in the operating room. If a surgeon was practicing a skills to show improvement, there would be a lot more people who died during an operation. Habitual application of a theory will lead to improvement of the practitioner but the practitioner begins with a high skill level.

Paganism, like many other paths, is a practice. A lot of the activities which “make” me a Witch are things which utilize my time (in a good way, I consider my spiritual practice a hobby).

Last Sunday night, I did a week ahead Tarot spread. Each morning when I woke, I did my morning yoga/meditation then I reviewed my notes from that night to try and prepare myself for the day.

Tonight, I am going to reflect on the previous week’s draw and journal some reflections. I am then going to do another draw for the next week. I may also start doing a three card reading in the mornings after my yoga/meditation time. There are a lot of other Witchy/Pagan things that I want to do to improve my practice but for one reason or another, I have not started them yet. Reading the list of eight simple things listed above reminded me of a few, some from the list and others not.

From the list:

  • Consecrate with salt.

I once blessed the house of a former coworker whom I used to consider a friend. I had a bad dream one night that her estranged father was going to come to her house. It shook me up and I spoke with her about it. I asked if she would mind if I did a blessing around the house with salt; better safe than sorry kind of thing. She agreed and thanked me for caring enough about her and her family to do so. Mind you, I have never blessed my house. I’ve never felt the need to. I still don’t, although I am a fan of crossing over the line of salt at the threshold. Help everyone to keep their baggage outside.

  • Make a besom

I have a broom that I use routinely. Hubby jokes that of course I would find it meditative to sweep, being a Witch and all. If I am stressing out too much, or if the dog hair has just gotten me in a tizzy, I take out my broom and I sweep the downstairs of the house. It make me feel better and I definitely think it raises me energetically and raises the energy of the house. I have been thinking about making a besom for some time now…to do a ritual cleansing of my alter space before I do any kind of work. I have seen all kinds of how-to’s on Pinterest, but I still don’t know where to start.

Things not from the list:

  • Leave offerings to the deities and spirits

I know it is a common practice to leave an offering to a deity. Depending on what information one is reading, Thor really likes milk. I think an ale is more appropriate but that’s just me. A good devotional to him would be to leave a glass of your chosen beverage to him after completing work involving him. Thanking him for his time and attention. I 100% get the idea behind this…leaving physical items for entities is a practice that goes back to ancient times and appeasing spirits. Hell, the whole country leaves out cookies and milk for Santa! Set a place for your deity or ancestor, serve them food at your table, and allow them to visit with you. It’s a beautiful idea. The respectful practice is to leave the food items for the deities and allow them to take what they will. The next morning, complete your offering by providing the sustaining nutrition to the Earth. This just seems, well, wasteful to me. I don’t throw away food. Leftovers become lunch. Or a collective hodgepodge of dinner. But leaving something out to be given to the Earth the next day is equal to throwing it away in my book. I can’t bring myself to do it. And I have not yet found a suitable substitute offering (I’m still researching…and I’m rather newly researching so I’m sure I’ll come across the right way for me eventually).

  • Crafting

Based on my besom rant from above, one of my big caveats is that try as I may, I am not artsy. My creative outlet is through written language. I see these grandiose projects in my head, whether they started out as a picture or came to me originally is irrelevant. I see this beautiful finished product in my head that never matches what I end up with in my hands.

I have some wooden disks that I’m going to paint to look like the moon phases and string them together to form a garland. I also got an 8″ metal ring and some beads to make a pentacle wind chime al a etsy:


I have the holes drilled in the disks for my Moon garland, and the base coat of white paint is done (thanks to Hubby). I got a lot of progress with my wind chime, but the beading wasn’t sitting right. It wouldn’t sit flush. It was just…wrong. Floppy and sloppy. It didn’t matter how tight I pulled the wire, it was floppy. I have a new idea in mind, but I am not yet happy with this execution either.

As I mentioned before, my will is what is stopping me. (My will and my artistic ability…but Hubby is very helpful with the latter).Bedtime routine, nightly cleaning, Magick time. I have everything at my disposal for all kinds of Magick, all I have to do is decide which I one want more in the moment. That is the hardest part.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen witchery into practice

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