Something to believe in

As I have shared previously, I bring Witchlette with me to morning Circles whenever they occur. She likes to watch the Magick happen before her, and she likes to sit on the Earth and play with the leaves that have fallen.

I first told my Mom about my new path in what is likely the most passive way: I left a copy of “The Idiot’s Guide to Paganism” on the coffee table. I was still living at home, her house in NJ. I was newly graduated from college and figuring things out to try and heal my world. For whatever reason, changing my spiritual viewpoint worked. She looked through the book and we had a simple conversation. The parts I remember include her telling me as long as I believe in something, because she doesn’t understand how people could believe in nothing, and so long as I’m not worshipping Satan or doing things that are bad…I explained to her that it was all Earth based. We concluded this spirituality is like how the Native Americans worshipped and that satisfied her.

As more of my family has come to the realization that I am Pagan and that it’s not evil…and that I am raising my daughter on this spiritual path, the more I am hearing words that sound just like my mom what she first learned: as long as you believe in something.

I came across this though provoking post a few days ago: a Heathen woman, also a mother, who is open with her children. She does not push her beliefs onto her children but she does expose them to parts of it. Her mother also exposes them to Christianity, which she doesn’t mind. The indoctrination is what bothers her, from the tone of her writing. The conversation she shared with her daughter is enlightening and shows how inclusive and encompassing of a mother she is with regards to her children’s spiritual health. It seems she is allowing her children to grow as they are destined to grow and be the people who they are going to be. She is not pushing Heathenism onto them, but is also not preventing them from traveling other paths.

While I agree with this outlook of not pushing towards a path, I am including Witchlette instead of just exposing her. Part of this is laying the foundation for spiritual health. I am not sure how I could help her later as an adult without giving her some kind of building blocks now.

Of the adults who are Pagan now, almost all of them were raised a different faith and found their way to Paganism. Part of it is the natural rebellion that is seen in human nature. Children go against their parents to try and figure out their own way in the world. They are becoming independent. This phase makes for healthy, well-adjusted adults. Sometimes the rebellion is just a phase, other times it sticks. Some of these found-through-rebellion Pagans who stick with the path and have children will raise their kids on that path. But rebellion is rebellion and children don’t always stick with the faith they were raised on, no matter what home faith it is.

All I can hope is that I am providing a healthy foundation for Witchlette to grow into a healthy well-adjusted adult.


3 thoughts on “Something to believe in

  1. Viktoria @ The Silent Heathen says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article! I am waiting on a chance to include my daughter in what I do. For Samhain, I showed her the altar and told her about it the history behind it. She stood before it and was silent for a few minutes. Luckily, Yule is around the corner and this year I am going to bring her with me so she can partake in the festivities. I think it’s hard for me to include her because I am mostly private and solitary about it. But I have a kindred I started with a friend, so I am aiming to include her in the council meetings and gatherings. I loved the article you linked to-great read!

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