Doing it right!

A recent post from a science website on Facebook headlined “Meditation effects us on a cellular level”. The attached article is headlined: “World-first evidence suggest that meditation alters cancer survivors’ cells”.

How often has one heard, “Think happy thoughts. It will make you feel better?” or “If you don’t calm down, you’re going to make yourself sick?”

Apparently scientists in Canada have just proven that all of this is correct! There is a part of the cell that controls cellular aging- the longer the better. Patients who participated in some form of meditation and/or support groups had longer parts while those who opted out had shorter parts. It is thought that these cell structures can determine the likelihood of surviving some diseases and even longer ones may prevent the disease all together.

Long story short, take up some form of meditative practice everyday. It’s good for your health!

*To get all of the sciencey stuff, click on the linked article above. While I’m a huge nerd, I’m better at explaining grammar than biology. 🙂


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