Kirk strikes again!

This was shared with me yesterday by a member of COTE. I only had to read the headline to get a good chuckle. “Kirk Cameron Says Pagans Stole Christmas”. Evangelical darling and money whore Kirk Cameron is releasing a new film where he debunks the “myths” surrounding the Pagan origins of the winter holiday. The article brings up Pope Gregory I writings which encouraged continuation of winter celebrations but convincing the folks the reasoning was different. For those of you playing at home, he was Pope in 604 AD.

Dear Mr. Cameron,

We live in a pluralistic society where many different kinds of people celebrate many different spiritually based holidays. We don’t have “Christmas break” because we aren’t a singular Christian society. If you want singularity with faith, move to Iran where there is state sanctioned mores that address what and how you believe.

I may be more sympathetic to you if you worked with charities and gave all your money away “like a good Christian should”. You’re a Hollywood actor first and foremost and are getting so much bank from your church stuff. It’s backward.

If I am wrong on this fact, please write me back showing me the paper trail of where your funds go to support.

Yours in the Solstice spirit,

You can read the whole article here.


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