Food for Thought

A friend on Facebook posted this article. In summary, for Halloween last year, a group of Atheists at University of North Georgia and University of Wisconsin- Madison, made a graveyard for deities who were once worshipped above all others but are presently resigned to the level of myth. Their point: what is stopping the likes of Jesus, Yahweh, and Allah from joining the mix? After all, we have no proof they are any more real than Zeus, Athena, Odin, Freya, Rah, Isis, Lugh, Brigid, and others from many other pantheons.

What do these figures have in common?

There is no proof of their existance outside of the mythology of each pantheon and the personal experiences one has with their deities. Thor and Ullr have both made visits to me in my dreams. Frigga was great assistance when I was still new to nursing Witchlette. If not for her presence that one night, I may not have continued nursing for as long as I did.

But those are my experiences.

Interesting side note- I never had profound experiences like these before I started walking the Pagan path. Going back to my butterfly effect theory, perhaps I was meant to walk this path from birth. Perhaps I am exactly where I was meant to be…

Anyone who follows the Christian or Islamic pantheon would argue that my experiences are not real.

Atheists would argue that not only are my experiences not real, but that all spiritual experiences are not real.

No one can deny another their experience.

So, who is really to say that these gods listed in the graveyard are only myths? Who is to say that they are just under appreciated, as our ancestors- certainly my ancestors- were pressured to renounce their gods in favor of these new gods for fear of life and property. Or are all spiritual experiences simply our psyche fulfilling a basic human need?

Either way, no one pantheon is higher than another. No one experience is more “real” than others.



3 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. eberis says:

    Muller ., henotheism ., comparative religions .

  2. This is rather thought provoking. Though I can’t help but think that even though the logic of “No one can deny another their experience” is utterly sound, most people won’t be able to respect that.

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