November. (In the Northern Hemisphere)

Day light savings time just ended.

It now grows darker earlier. It grows colder by the day.

It is a time of keeping indoors with your kith and kin. A time of reflecting inwards and making preparations, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, for the new year.

It’s a time to look at everything around us, and be thankful for each and every bit that life has thrown our way.

It’s the time for “30 days of gratitude” on Facebook and other social media sites.

This past Sunday at Church of the Earth, we made a gratitude garland to hang in the gardens. It’s a piece of each of us that shows how thankful we are for whatever we each have in our own lives which comes together to show thankfulness for our community.

That piece was big because community was what I was missing for so long in my spiritual practice.


Here is our community garland. The leaf encircled in pink is Witchlette’s contribution. Next to it, the red leaf with the gold bell attached that is obscured by the pink circle, is her name written because she is day to day what I am most thankful for. Four strips to the left of the circle, with pink markings at the bottom, is my cotton strip. On it I created the triple moon goddess symbol and wrote different qualities I am thankful for, including kith and kin, love and friendship, faith and loyalty. It is capped with musical notes on either end (that’s the pink stuff). There is another leaf towards the right of the circle. I colored the veins of the leaf copper and attached a bee bead to the stem. I am thankful for the water of life, and the bees who provide the spark of sustenance. On the flip side of the leaf, I wrote the word “roots”, which has a dual meaning for me.  The roots of the family I have, including my Pops and Grandma, my mother, my aunts and uncles, and cousins.  The roots of the family Hubby and I have created. The two of us with Witchlette. And for the roots I have forged with the folks at CotE.


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