A summary of Samhain

This is a simple article, a very nice summary for the Pagan Allies and Pagan curious. It succinctly answers any basic questions one may have about this time of year.

Privately, CotE has already held their Samhain Circle. They are doing a Dumb Supper tomorrow evening which I have decided not to attend so I can have Halloween with Witchlette. At the Circle, I was able to honor my Beloved Dead from the past year…along with a bit of remembrance for my Beloved Dead who passed previously. After Witchlette goes to bed Friday night, Hubby and I will be doing a private Samhain ritual at home both focusing on our Beloved Dead and our ancestors but also having closure with this year and preparing for the next.

Publicly, my mother-in-law made Witchlette an awesome costume. She has her parade at school this afternoon. Tomorrow she is donning her Witch’s hat and wearing an adorable outfit “fit for a tiny Witch” also from my wonderful MiL during school. After school, when Daddy gets home, the three of us will go trick-or-treating. Then we have a frozen pizza scheduled for when we will be giving out candy to those coming our way.


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