A time for reflections…

Last night there was a beautiful Circle done at Church of the Earth. It was a very solemn, very powerful, very moving ritual. Pops came through big time… So did my husband’s father (I didn’t recognize him…he looked healthy and free) as well as two fine people who recently joined the church and passed through earlier this month. They were together and laughing and you could feel their love radiating.

The ritual was still with me this morning when I awoke and began my preparations for the day.

The fall is a time to reflect, to sum up the year and prepare for the next.

The harvest time of our ancestors was a time to physically collect- to reap what was sown earlier in the spring. To gather all of the bounty and rejoice in everything that had grown to maturity which would feed the people. They were not so quick to prepare and devour everything, as winter would soon fall and they needed to have preparations to go through the dead time of the year. Food was portioned to last through the winter in preparation for the spring when growth would begin again- both in agriculture and wild grown bounties.

In present times, the harvest of our bounty is more of a metaphor. We are collecting all of the good that has come to us through the year and we are reflecting on it. How has our lives changed? How has our lives improved? What went wrong, and what can we do to change that in the next turn of the Wheel?

One of the leaders of the ritual said something very profound last night. “Every experience will only happen once. Relish in it, enjoy it. Live in it completely. Then let it go. Live wholly and fully in the next experience.”

Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going next?

In this time of reflecting…if I had all the time in the world…I would love to go back to the beginning of this blog and reflect on those questions. Some days I feel as if my path is taking drastic turns daily. Other times it seems like I loop back to a previous state, only to take a different way when brought to a fork.

Where have I been?

I have been a leader of my high school’s fellowship of Christian athletes. This was more of a college application booster than anything else. I was already questioning that faith in high school and every time I led a session, it was from the perspective of questioning. Of doubting. Of why this is mentioned here, but not anywhere else. Looking at the disconnects and trying to paint a more realistic picture.

I had been lost when my sister passed, only to have been found when I stepped off the highway and walked into the woods.

I had been lost when I went through the infertility treatment. I became found when I became pregnant with Witchlette, and found again when she was born. It seems as though I am refinding myself every few weeks based on my ever deepening love for this little person.

Where am I now?

I am still strolling through the woods. There are many paths here, none of them paved, but some more traveled than others. At the moment, I am on a path that is only lightly treaded, in the thick of yew trees. I have found a comfort and a spiritual home with CotE. I plan on staying for a while.

Where am I going next?

Only time will tell. There may be some shake-ups coming. The moon is right, so here’s hoping…change is good. On the other hand, things will stay the same, or get better. I am in a very good place in every aspect of my life (well…I’m working on one aspect…change is good!) and I am in a place of comfort and peace. Hubby and Witchlette and strolling through these woods with me. At time, I need to check out a thicket on my own. They will either join me, or I’ll head back to them. Either way, it’s a personal journey the three of us are sharing in our own way.

My harvest take away from this year is that life is good, and in order for life to stay good, life has to be looked at as though it is good. More often than not, I have this outlook.

Blessed Be.


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