A visit to a Catholic church

This past weekend, the three of us ventured North to the good old Jersey for a family wedding. My little cousin married his long-time girlfriend. The girl he brought as his date to my wedding. It’s been a long time coming.

The wedding ceremony itself was at 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon at her family’s church. During the sermon, the priest mentioned that the bride’s grandmothers had been attending that church since they were young children. It was a very impressive church, both inside and out. The ceiling was intricately decorated, the art of the walls were detailed and pristine. It was very nice. But it was a bit too much for me.

The last time I was in a church was for my grandfather’s funeral services. Before that, it was for another cousin’s wedding (the groom’s sister, actually). At the time of both of these occasions, I was 100% solitarily practicing at home. I had been to the gardens previously, but I was not yet a regular attendee. This time around, I was. And it put a lot of things into perspective which I have pondered previously.

What really struck me as interesting what Witchlette’s response to being in the church. At the gardens during Circle, Witchlette sits and watches the Magick happen. She is a part of everything going on. She is able to see everything with the alter being just a few feet before her and no one in her line of sight. She is also surrounded by nature’s best playthings: sticks and stones and leaves and other matter of the Earth. She is in her element and in her glory. I am told week after week how great it is and how blessed I am to have such a “well behaved” child. She is still a toddler and she will always have her moments, but she is highly inquisitive and she just wants to be included in what’s happening around her. Conversely during the wedding, Hubby and I were playing catch…she would run back and forth between us in our row (we purposely chose the handicap accessible row to give her more play room). She never screamed and cried, but the building was quite cavernous and she is a big fan of echoes. She sang along when there was music playing and made her own when there was not. She left the row and ran up and down the side aisle. At one point, she and Hubby went out to the lobby so she could just run and stretch her legs.

She was never misbehaving. She was very developmentally appropriate. She is only 1 after all.

But then why is she always so “good” at Circle but she was “less good” at the church?

First, she couldn’t see what was happening with the 20+ rows of people in front of us. She would be removed from the action even if we sat in the front row as the alter is up many steps and behind a small barrier. She didn’t have the bounty of Mother Earth all around her. She was literally taken out of her element.

Long story short, she’s a natural Pagan and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


2 thoughts on “A visit to a Catholic church

  1. wgr56 says:

    My Catholic phase lasted as long as it took for our three kids to grow up, but it only “took” with one of them. I left several years ago with no regrets other than I would have done better by my kids if I’d been more honest with myself. One thing I’ll continue to give the Catholics, however, is that it’s hard to top ’em when it comes to ritual and ceremony. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the beauty of it, even when you’re not necessarily on the same page.

    • Lunapo says:

      Catholic is the first branch of Christianity. The oldest that still has a lot of the flair from the old ways. Some tribal Magicks had to be woven in for the first round of converts to buy in. I agree the spectacle is something to see…if you’re lucky enough to get a clear view.

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