Keep your eyes on the SCOTUS this week!

Thursday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about a Muslim convert and his right to have a beard, which is a religious practice. Arkansas policy states inmates may only have a mustache. A beard is seen as a security risk.

Hobby Lobby, a corporation, was given religious rights in an upholding of separation of church and state. Hobby Lobby fought for the right of Christians.

Gregory Holt, the Muslim inmate, is fighting for his religious rights as they are being impeded on by the state. It’s another separation of church and state argument.

I wonder what would happen if Gregory Holt was fighting for a Christian-based religious right. Would this even be an argument?

The reaction from an NFL penalty says “no”.


The penalty had nothing to do with the fact that it was a Muslim prayer. The NFL rule book took away touchdown celebrations (and made the game 500% more boring in doing so…I miss the days of T.O. vs Ochocinco celebrate-offs). The list of celebrations which are strictly prohibited include slides. The player slid into the end zone before bowing to pray. The flag was for the slide, not the prayer. The league caught wind of the would-be uproar and apologized for the flag saying they never penalize for Christian prayer and should not have penalized for Muslim prayer.

But we still have memes like this circulating the internet. Memes that say Christian prayer is supported and Muslim prayer is penalized and that act is racist. The fact that this reaction even happened goes to show that this country is still heavily under the Christian influence and is, dare I say, afraid of non Christians.



Most people still equate the idea of a Muslim extremist “solider” and your average Muslim. They are not one in the same.

But what does this mean for us? And what does this have to do with Thursday’s court case?

The federal government gave a business with Christian owners religious rights- rights that in the end will trump some secular rights of its employees.

If the federal government denies the Muslim inmate his right to practice his religious beliefs, in this case, grow a beard, they are basically saying they support Christians above all others.

That is a scary thought for anyone who is not Christian.

That is damn near close to what is happening in the Middle East. If you are not Muslim, you have no rights. Often times, including the right to life. Could this amazing country be headed down that same path? Good Goddess I hope not. We will have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Stay tuned.


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