This is a big hooray!

First and foremost, this is a civil rights win for the GBLT community. Rulings are sweeping across the country (North Carolina’s Amendment One will be one of the next to fall!) which are allowing same-sex couples the right to legally wed.

And it’s about damn time.

Celebrities have been making a mockery of marriage for far too long. Britney Spears being married for less than a day and divorced with every marriage. Kim Kardashian and her phoney marriage only to leave him for the “real deal”. How many husbands has Liza Minnelli had now? And how many wives for Donald Trump?

Yet, the GBLT community is ruining the “sanctity” of marriage?


*Old meme, Neil and David are now happily, legally married…

Secondly, this is a big time win for separation of church vs. state. Please, someone give me an argument that is not religiously-based that supports a ban on same-sex marriage! I would love to hear it!

This says it all:

The reason why I am bringing up this topic is seen in number 8 above.

A win for gay marriage = a win for the separation of church and state = a win for all of us and our religious freedoms. It is one more wedge between our government and our faiths, which were never supposed to intermingle (I blame McCarthy for all of the current bullshit now).


I leave you today with this:


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