Weekend in review

Garden day

Saturday, Hubby and Witchlette spent the morning together and I headed over to my local Pagan group’s meeting area. It was a semi-annual garden day: weed pulling, tree trimming, flower planting, mulch laying. A day of beautifying and solidifying. Everyone came together to work on the space that they call their spiritual home. It was fantastic.

Target finds

Saturday afternoon/evening we did our grocery shopping, which includes a weekly target run. I’m a sucker for the dollar spot, and was delighted to find a new witch’s hat, which I wear every Halloween in a tongue-and -cheek way, and Hubby picked out a reversible sign for me because he’s the best.



Sunday circle

Sunday morning, Witchlette and I headed over to the garden sanctuary for the bi-monthly Circle. This Pagan group has Circles on each Esbat and Sabbat, of course, but they also have more low-key Circles the first and third Sunday of each month. Witchlette has been welcomed to these Circles with open arms. It’s been really lovely to have these great people who adore her and love having her around. The fact that she’s so enthralled with what’s going on around her and will kindly sit on her mat without fussing during each ritual (so far) helps my cause.

Pumpkin fun

Yesterday’s ritual was very light-hearted and focused on how we are innocently believing in the Spirits around us. It was done in the style of Its The Great Pumkpin, Charlie Brown! with a focus on Linus as one who innocently believes no matter what others say or how he may be dismissed.

At the end, we decorated pumpkins. Witchlette did hers all by herself, her first solo project!!


Afternoon walk

When we got home from Circle, it was nap time and Hubby and I enjoyed lunch and some pigskin together. After Witchlette awoke, the three of us went for a very nice afternoon stroll. It was lovely weather, with a nice Autumn breeze and the sun shining brightly. Just the most perfect afternoon.

A bit of publicity for the awesomeness that is the Pagan group: Church of the Earth. They also have a meet-up page and a Facebook group.


One thought on “Weekend in review

  1. Crystal L. says:

    I wish there was something like that in my area. We used to go to a UU church, but we moved and it’s too far away now.

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