Biblebelt Heathen Witch?

The only constant in life is change.

The only way to avoid stagnation is change.

The only way to grow into one’s potential and to fulfill one’s destiny is to change.

Anyone notice a theme here?

The biggest change comes from my stance of spiritual atheist elemental. The atheist perspective has been wavering for a while now, especially as the pulls from a certain Thunderer become stronger. My most recent druidry exploration was Thor-centric.

I’ve been intrigued by the Norse pantheon since almost the get-go, but I didn’t explore it further because it wasn’t for me.

I read and re-read translations of the Eddas. But I didn’t explore it further because it wasn’t for me.

I felt I had more of a “right” to feel a connection to the pantheon as I learned, while I was preparing lesson plans for Beowulf a few years back, that Viking remains were found across Ireland, my main trace of ancestry. Plus I’m German. And Swedish.

But I didn’t explore it further because it wasn’t for me.

I have always been interested in the runes and picking up the runes as a form of divination. I have a set made from clay and a set made from amethyst. I have a few books…good, quality books. But I never actually went through with it because it wasn’t for me.

Again…anyone notice a pattern here?

So I had been feeling this tug. This big pull. By some one.

At Pagan Pride yesterday, I met a time reader who I instantly connected with. I asked him a straightforward question that also had deeper meaning. He answered it plainly and when I discussed the deeper meaning and how I instantly understood what he was telling me he said yes, what I am interpreting is what he is seeing.

I realized while I had gotten a great answer to a big question, I asked the wrong question. So I sought him out again today.

Is there a deity trying to contact me?

Yes, there is. And he is a Norse deity, but it’s not Thor. It’s actually an obscure deity with very little written history remaining. It’s a deity who was a major deity at one point, but has been lost to time. A list of what is known about him is misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Later in the day, I sought out the reader again and asked a follow-up question: Will it be beneficial to me to go forward with this deity, to make contact with him?

The rune for the right path, the way to go, appeared. A solid yes. It won’t be easy, and it will be different and I could be seeing and experiencing some things that I have never thought to be true, but it’s the way to go.

I felt the cosmic tap on the shoulder one too many times. I’m glad I asked before I got hit with the cosmic 2×4.

Tonight, I will be beginning my studies of the runes. Every night for a week I will devote some time to each rune. I will also be working on my shielding and cleansing.

The whole ride home, everything feels right. I get a tingle in my crown chakra when I say his name. The little that I have read of him tonight…it seems like all of my various interests, fulfilled or only contemplated from afar, throughout my whole life, are sitting at his feet.

I am going to explore this, because I think it’s for me.

Change is good, but it isn’t easy. But, if it’s not hard, it’s not worth it.

Here goes nothing.


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