My morning swear-fest

*This post was edited on 9/11 at 9:40 am to reflect correct information.*

This morning, the local radio morning show hacks were discussing an apparently recent change to the way military officers are sworn in. Atheist Air Force officer enlisted airmen have been sworn in for years without saying “so help me god” and it hasn’t been an issue. Now, one is being given an ultimatum: either recite “so help me god” or you’re out.

The lead-hack, Bob, said everyone should just say “god” no matter what your belief is because while your mouth says “god”, your mind would say “Allah, the trees, myself, no one”, etc. His co-hack, Erica, tried to explain that people should be allowed to say what they believe because it’s their beliefs and if the rule was you (Bob) have to say “so help me Allah”, you’re going to have a big problem.

No I wouldn’t, he retorted, I would just say it and move on but it doesn’t matter because that’s not the rule.

I’m in my car shouting how it’s about integrity. I refuse to be dishonest to myself, to my country, to be disingenuous. And it’s my country too!

Well, Bob asked, why is it ok to use god on money? And in the pledge?! You recite the pledge and just say in your mind what you really want but you say god.

That was McCarthyism red fear you boob! That was added decades after the pledge was coined. Original monies had no mention of god. Commies ad without religion and America isn’t Commie…that is when America suddenly became a Christian nation.

A caller called in and agreed with Bob saying how everyone should just say god because, like Bob pointed out already, the word “god” is a synonym for whatever being you believe in. And it’s “our country” and they need to do things “our way”.

Oh F$&@ You!

Yupp, Bob agreed, the fact that they don’t want to say “god” is a them problem and I’m tired of bowing down to other people.

F$&@ YOU!!!! I think I scared Witchlette a little with that one but I couldn’t control it.

The whole time, I’m searching for their phone number. I had to call in the show, give them a piece of my mind. How dare they try to take away my right. How dare they deny my me hypothetical personal integrity.

Then they played their wrap it up before commercial music and the break was over. They got a good number of people riled, either Christians who think everyone needs to pray to their god and got offended knowing that a military serviceman does not OR folks like me who are not Christians and are sick and fucking tired of the line between church and state getting dragged through the mud.

Since I never got to throw my hat into the ring, I’m using my mightier-than-the-sword words and I’m calling them out.

Bob you redneck P.O.S. I hope Stephan Hawking undisputedly disproves the existence of Jesus in your lifetime.


4 thoughts on “My morning swear-fest

  1. wgr56 says:

    Love this post! Redneck P.O.S. indeed!

  2. thalassa says:

    My answer to Bob is this: Do you really want a person that will lie to cheat the system on one of their most highly held and Constitutionally protected beliefs, just to placate a higher up, serving in the military? As a veteran, I’d say no. I wouldn’t have wanted to serve along side men and women that would be willing to follow orders that violate their conscience, just because they are orders.

    And, while I strongly agree with your sentiments here, I’d like to make a minor correction…he’s not an Air Force officer, he’s an enlisted airman. There is even a difference in wording of the Oath of Enlistment vs the Oath of Comissioning.

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