30DOD: X-XIII Deities/Important Figures (yes, I’m cheating)

I felt I had to put a hold on my 30 Days of Druidry stream because I was at a bit of a loss with the next few posts.

I am focusing on Thor because I wear his symbol, encrusted with my daughter’s birthstone, around my neck and because I mention his presence each thunder storm.

X- deities: gender
XI- deities: symbols
XII- deities: history
XIII- deities: why them?

Well…I don’t really have deities. So that put me at a loss. I do have some figures whom I revere. But what am I supposed say? The whole post would be two of three sentences each. So I’m cheating and combining them. Ok, so the “why” post would be a paragraph or two but why not just lump them all together.


Thor is traditionally a male. He has cross dressed in the past. Marvel currently has him as her. A recent internet has been the unfortunate misinterpretation of a 2011 study of Viking remains: half of remains which gender determination was originally done base on artifacts (swords vs broaches) found with the remains were misidentified. Half of the remains which were originally found to be male were reevaluated using actual forensic anthropology and were found to be female. Females with swords = warriors! Marvel was right!!! No…Viking settlers not warriors.

So Thor is a male.

His symbol is his hammer, Mjolnir. Pictured below is the Mjolnir I wear, referenced above.


Mjolnir is his weapon of choice and is worn to show alliance between his followers. It was done at a time when being a follower of Thor was a killable offense. It is a subdue symbol, most folks don’t know what it is unless they know what it is. I’ve mentioned before how I don’t advertise my path at work. But I will openly wear my Mjolnir because most folks don’t get it.

So Mjolnir.

Thor’s history is a great one, but also a well documented one. He is the oldest son of Odin, leader God of the Norse pantheon. He is champion of the people and was worshipped openly from prehistoric times-around the 7th centures with a modern revival beginning with the adoption of Asatru as a recognized religion in Iceland in 1973; Norway and Denmark followed suit.

But now, why Thor?

Well…why not?

First, I have a very hot temper. It’s one of my faults, perhaps my most severe flaw.

Second, I love thunderstorms and lightning has always fascinated me. The last few month, every time I hear the rumble of an impending storm, I say, “The thunderer is among us.”

There was quite some time when I was first learning about the real Norse pantheon that I was actually hesitant of Thor. There were more than one resources I found which mentioned him to be someone to be cautious of and to keep one’s distance from because of his hot temper. I took these messages to heart and I set my distance. But something about him always drew my curiosity back. About this time last year, I was doing some reading and I came across an interesting comparison. It was taking the lyrics to “What If God Was One of Us” by Tori Amos and giving is a polytheistic spin. If the gods were currently walking among us, who would be whom?

Aphrodite would be the beautiful girl at the bar, accepting drinks from all the men swooning around her, having the time of her life every night. She would let whichever man she deems worthiest that night take her home home to his bed every night and be gone before the sun was up.

Isis was the ever-present mother, always there for her child whether it was a home cooked meal, a front row seat at the soccer game, or first in line to meet the teachers at back to school night. She would also be the devoted wife, and yet somehow never manage to leave the house looking less than perfect. June Cleaver of the gods.

Thor would be a pick-up driving, trucker hat-wearing, good ol’ boy of the South. He would always be ready to lend a hand to his friends and neighbors. A few too many drinks in him and he would be down for a bar fight, but he never actually meant any harm. Unless someone crosses his nearest and dearest, because all good ol’ boys know how to shoot to kill.

It was likely that thought which changed my mind. I don’t think it would be too far off from who he actually is. Even though time devoted to him is definitely not enough to call a worship and my mind still can’t accept that thunderstorms actually mean Thor is in the clouds battling Jotuns for me to believe he is a real deity, Thor is the most important figure to my path.


…Maybe that would have made an OK amount for four separate posts, but it’s done so too late. 🙂


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