The Perfect Day

Yesterday, we spent the day at the beach.

It is a 2 hour drive from home to the Wrightsville, our beach of choice. We got a bit of a late start, leaving the house just before 10. We couldn’t find parking in the pay lots but there was a lovely breeze so the trek from the street where we parked to the beach was nice.

Like I said on my last post, the beach is one of the most perfect places elementally speaking. Air from the ocean breeze, Water, Earth, and the Fire of the sun come together in the most Magickal way. Yesterday was a pinnacle day for the beach. There was not one cloud in the sky. The temperature was upper 80’s so not too hot. There was a decent breeze, but not enough to make the air cool. The water was nice and warm, but still a refreshing warm…and not warm enough for jellyfish!

We started off by having lunch under our umbrella/tent. Then we went into the ocean. We went into the surf, just past the breakers. Witchlette was splashing and laughing. A few waves caught her in the face, and while it wasn’t a pleasant experience, she wiped her eyes and kept on smiling. Her only complaint was being out of the water between swells…since the calm water was knee height and she was held hip height.

We also took a walk on the beach. Witchlette has a thing for collecting shells. She picked up every single piece she saw. Every one. It wasn’t a long walk because of how long she spent collecting. The excitement in her eyes at all of her discoveries was well worth it.

Yesterday wholly made up for our rained-out beach trip earlier this month.

I have never been a huge beach person. Neither has hubby. We both love the ocean, but hate the sand. I like going to the beach for the day, maybe a long weekend and going twice. This year was the first time Hubby and I had been to the beach together twice in one year. Seeing how much Witchlette loves the beach, we will be going regularly. At least twice a year, two day trips. Maybe more often…as often as Hubby and I can stand the sand.



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