6 Signs You Might be a Kitchen Witch

I have identified with the term “kitchen witch” for some time now. Whenever I make a Magickal concoction, it’s done in the kitchen. I can identify with every item on this list…

1) we have a trash can, which I rarely filled, a recycling can, which I filled and emptied almost daily, and compost bin in the yard.

2) “waste not, want not”. Nothing in my house goes to waste. Even if it means scraps going to the animals, domestic or wild. We also have feeders. And spiders who keep to their areas are aloud to stay bc they pay rent in the form of insect control. And we catch and release spiders in the tarantula family.

3) I proudly home-make everything. We don’t buy bread. We make everything.

4) out of the entire house, the one room that gets to me when it’s in a disarray is the kitchen. I am clutterful. Hubby is clutterful. So far, Witchlette is clutterful. We are not messy or dirty. We just take things out and don’t put them back. Mostly because were not “done” w them…even if “done” is two years down the road lol. But the kitchen is always neat and tidy. And when it’s not, it’s anxiety-making.

5) my pots are my cauldrons and my spoons are my wands. I never felt “connected” to Magickal tools, but I always saw my kitchen as Magick. The only house later we have is in the kitchen. And I breathe love into everything I cook/bake and always turn desoil.

6) it truly is the hearth of the home. It’s the epicenter. Some of our best memories come from in the kitchen. And it’s Witchlette’s favorite place to play!

Ayslyn's Corner

If the broom fits...I never used to think of myself as a kitchen witch, but more and more I find that the label seems to fit. Having been out of the professional workforce for right on a year now, I’ve spent a lot of time working on our home and our homelife, with one of the biggest changes being in how and what we eat. I’m making everything from scratch that I can now, with a list of things to try my hand at making as I can. As our food consumption migrated toward home, other things began to do the same, including many of my craft and online store projects. I make my sugar scrubs in the kitchen. I make my candles in the kitchen. I complete my polymer clay pieces in the kitchen. My kitchen happens to be the most natural-light lit room in the house and leads directly to the…

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One thought on “6 Signs You Might be a Kitchen Witch

  1. I like how you mention that you never felt connected to your magical tools but you did with your pots and spoons. I think that’s a big part of developing your magickal practice because we have very few norms. It’s especially important for each person to understand what works for them and what doesn’t.

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