30DOD: IX- Time Practicing

Published August 17, 2014 by Lunapo

My path has been evolving since I started walking on it.

My sister passed in 2005. I was a junior in college. I dove deeper into Christianity looking for solace but didn’t find any. Still, I kept looking for about two years.

The summer of 2007 I was introduced to the idea of not Christianity. Of a Pagan path.

I started off very much focused on Native beliefs, focusing on the Earth and environmentalism. I focused closely on activism and not much on ritual. I did not focus at all on deities, save for Moon, Sun, Earth, and Sky.

I evolved into Norse pantheon, but not actually worshipping any of the deities. Simply enjoying the lore that comes from the pantheon. I also began holding personal rituals on each Sabbat and most Esbats. I also developed daily rituals. Mostly, I revered the Elements as well as the natural “deities” in life listed above. I remained committed to my activism, no matter how small. I pick up litter as I go because even though it’s not my trash, it is my planet.

Currently, I am exploring what it means to be a Druid (hence this series) and how a majority of what I do aligns with what druidy is. This journey was inspired by this meme:


I found and originally posted this meme to my blog in March. It had been a thought percolating in my head since then. I can see myself in that meme- focused on the natural world around me.


2 comments on “30DOD: IX- Time Practicing

  • I think it’s interesting to see how some Pagans find more comfort in identifying with a specific deity and others are just more in tune with the natural elements of the world. I think it’s more of a Wiccan thing to feel a need for specific deities. Also, by the by, I am sorry for the loss of your sister. )O(

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