Lessons from the Hummingbird

The hummingbird has taught me to stop, slow down, and take in the world around me.

Last week, Witchlette and I went to a playground in a local park. At 11:30, Witchlette started calling for “nom noms” and we were on our way. I didn’t want to mess up her schedule too much, so I was in a rather quick pace to get her home.

A red mushroom caught my eye so I stopped to look at it. Being a shutterbug with a camera built into my handheld idiot box, I snapped a few shots. Then I saw a millipede/centipede close by. I snapped a few shots of that too.

Witchlette was quiet content playing with a few leaves while I got my photog on.

I thanked the Universe for the gift of this sight.





2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Hummingbird

  1. Beautiful photos. It’s wonderful to stop and take time to appreciate little wonders. I had someone in my life who taught me this as a child, and I’m sure your daughter will appreciate this someday too!

  2. Handheld idiot box is so right! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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